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Consultancy In Topical And Transdermal Drug Delivery

book thumbnailTransdermal and Topical Drug Delivery - Principles and Practice
H. E. Benson and A. C. Watkinson (Eds.)
Wiley. Published January 2012.

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Part 1. Current science, skin permeation and enhancement approaches

  • Skin structure, function and permeation (Heather A. E. Benson)
  • Passive skin permeation enhancement (Majella E. Lane, Paulo Santos, Adam C. Watkinson, Jonathan Hadgraft)
  • Electrical and physical methods of skin penetration enhancement (Jeffrey E. Grice, Tarl Prow, Mark Kendall, Michael S. Roberts)
  • Clinical applications of transdermal iontophoresis (D. R. Kalaria, S. Dubey and Y. N. Kalia)
  • In vitro skin permeation methodology (Barrie Finnin, Kenneth A. Walters and Thomas J. Franz)
  • Skin permeation assessment: tape stripping (Sandra Wiedersberg and Sara Nicoli).
  • Skin permeation assessment: microdialysis (R. Holmgaard, JB Nielsen and E. Benfeldt).
  • Skin permeation assessment: spectroscopic methods (Jon Hadgraft, Majella Lane)
  • Skin permeation assessment in man: in vitro - in vivo correlation (Paul A. Lehman, Sam G. Raney, Thomas J. Franz)
  • Risk assessment (Jon R. Heylings)

Part 2. Topical and Transdermal Product Development

  • An Overview of Product Development From Concept To Approval (Adam C. Watkinson)
  • Regulatory Aspects of Drug Development for Dermal Products (William K. Sietsema).
  • Toxicological and preclinical considerations for novel excipients and NCEs (Andrew Makin, Jen Thing Mortensen)
  • Topical product formulation development (Marc B. Brown, Robert Turner and Sian T. Lim)
  • Transdermal product formulation development (Kenneth J. Miller)
  • Sensitivity and irritation testing (Belum Viswanath Reddy, Geetanjali Sethi, Howard I. Maibach)
  • New Product Development for Transdermal Drug Delivery: Understanding the Market Opportunity (Hugh Alsop)
  • Transdermal and topical drug delivery today (Adam C. Watkinson)
  • Current and future trends: Skin diseases and treatment (Simon G. Danby and Michael J. Cork)